Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

More homeowners and builders today are aware of the many benefits of metal roofing. The use of metal roofing materials has also seen a steady increase in the last ten years. Due to this, more of this materials have been distributed in the market. They are way different from tin barn roofs that people used to build in the past. Since there is the need for stable homes, high technology has given a solution to the need lightweight, durable and fire-resistant roofing material with good look.

Pros of metal roofing materials



Once you install metal roofing, it can last for as long as your house can. It seals water completely from entering the house. It can also stand high winds and can easily shed snow. Metal roofing resists insects, mildew, rot, and insects. This is why it comes along with a strong warranty. These products can last up to fifty years. Its longevity makes it a perfect choice for most homeowners.

Light weight

This type of roofing material is relatively lightweight compared to the other materials like concrete and tiles. Metal roofing weight between fifty and one hundred and fifty pounds per square. Some metal shingle types can be used over existing roofs without tearing them off hence adding support to the roof structure.

Ease of installation

Installing metal roofing is very easy. Accomplished contractors normally do not waste much time on installing these types of roofs. This is great for emergency situations like when you want to install strong roofs quickly because of a huge storm on the way. The process can take only two days to complete if you get an established contractor.


Metal roofing is a non-combustible type of roofing. You should, however, ask the contractor if a given roof is classified under the class of metals which do not ignite even under intense heat.

Cons of metal roofing


Metal roofing prices are normally costly and can cost up to six hundred dollars per square. The idea behind this is that you are sure to get what you pay for thus you can invest in materials that are more expensive.


When it rains, the sound of falling rain can make noise on the roof. This may be romantic for some people while to others very annoying. You should, therefore, remember that metal roofing will produce louder noise than other materials. This noise may be regulated however by using roofing materials with structural barriers for minimizing the drumming effect.roofingleftsvdb

These are the various advantages and disadvantages that you should consider and weigh out before buying metal roofing materials for your home.